Original Music

by Nick Freygang. I am not a music professional. This is just for fun.

I write, produce, record and preform as a Musician/DJ in a new genre I call E-House Jazz as a band called The New Century Jazz Pioneers.

The New Century Jazz Pioneers is looking for collaborators on BandLab.com or email me at: nfreygang@yahoo.com

E-House Jazz: Music Title for a new band The New Century Jazz Pioneers

E-House Jazz: an emerging music genre. This is a Work In Progress (WIP) available on BandLab.com Nov 2019

This music track was found on BandLab, I added the guitar and re-mastered using Cakewalk. It is the direction I want to go. Nov 2019

Jazz Guitar - Inspired by memories of Lower Manhattan NYC circa 1989. For my teacher: Ambrose Rivera RIP

Sequenced Produced with Guitar inspired by LA traffic

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