The Tierra Vista Project

mission is to:

Research, design, test, and demonstrate alternative methods of residential living that sustainably integrate humans, technology, and nature by evolving these ideas on 95 acres in Cedar Crest, New Mexico about 25 minutes east of Albuquerque.

The Tierra Vista Project's intended long term goals are summarized in the ideas of the Residential Reserve Concept

What is The Tierra Vista Project?

The Tierra Vista Project is owned and operated by Tierra Vista #1 LLC as a New Mexico limited liability corporation.

Tierra Vista #1 LLC owns the seven lots of land totaling 95 acres and has been funded with seed operating capital to startup research & development testing of an "Environmentally Responsive Architecture" as the first task of the project. The results of this testing will be used in the design of the projects first model home. It is the intention of the project to derive future revenue though the sale of the developed Environmentally Responsive Architecture elements as products and the model home will be used as a sales tool for this technology.

The Environmentally Responsive Test Room

The first phase of the Tierra Vista Project is to design and test a computer controlled system of windows, insulating curtains and sun shades that use the extremes of the high mountain desert's sunlight day and cold night temperature variations to maintain a comfortable home temperature year around. This system will respond to current environmental conditions, as well as the expected forecasted climate, to capture thermal energy to assist in heating and cooling.

Rather than build a whole house to test and refine this system , the Tierra Vista Project will first build the "Environmentally Responsive Test Room" or "ERTR" that contains a minimal base set of all the architectural components required to for the system to optimally operate.

The ERTR ( Environmentally Responsive Test Room) is a highly insulated box with a south facing "Glass Sun Wall " consisting of a sliding glass door above which is an electro-mechanically operated transom window. A canvas "pergola" type sun-shade can extend above and horizontally out from the Glass Wall to moderate direct sun into the room. An insulating curtain inside the room can cover the glass wall to minimize heat losses through the glass .

Last Updated: 09/15/21