The Writings


Nick Freygang

This is where I share my written thoughts on a variety of subjects. Thanks for taking a look and I would like to hear your comments by emailing me at:

A Short Analysis, Opinion and Conjecture on the Current Global Monetary Situation

An Engineer’s Simple Perspective of the Global Monetary System

This is an attempt to explain how human civilization evolves by using money in the form of a screen play. This is a work in progress.

This is a running list I keep. It is a work in progress

Photograph of camping on the Rio Castillo in Northern New Mexico in 2017

This is my "way out there" attempt to explain my visceral thoughts on existence, spirituality, science and humanity. It is in the form of an epic poem, so it hard to get through. It is still a work in progress. So if you can stand to read through it and have questions or comments then contact me.

Photograph of a snow covered cliff face taken from the air on the way to Mt McKinley in Denali Alaska in 2006

This is an allegory fable for how the Sovereign Banks of the world are keeping the global economy running.

Photograph of the Freedom Tower in NYC at the site of the old World Trade Center in 2015